Many of today’s businesses do not have a Digital Strategy or ‘roadmap’ in place to take their business forward into an increasingly digital world. 


To remain competitive in a global marketplace businesses need to find clarity in “the noise” of emerging technologies to source what fits best with their company goals, customers, products and services.

Businesses are very operationally focused. They usually do not spend a lot of time and effort on developing a strategy and deciding which digital tools will be of most value to them.

Our Digital Direction Day event on June 6th provided a ‘heads up’ view of the digital world now and in the future. It helped prepare businesses who felt overwhelmed by technology driven changes to survive and thrive in the Digital Age.

The Day offered opportunities to dig deeper into the tools, expertise and networks required to succeed in today's fast-changing world, so attendees could move forward with greater clarity and momentum for their business.

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